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Crystal Coleman

Crystal Coleman

Certified Business & Operations Manager


I have often joked that time passes in the online business world in dog years.  The changes we see in the span of one year is more akin to seven years in the brick-and-mortar world!

It makes this online business industry both challenging and exciting.  Nothing, stays the same for long and online entrepreneurs are constantly growing and adapting to meet their ever evolving clients needs.

Since 2012, shortly after I obtained my Certification as an Online Business Manager with Tina Forsyth in 2011, I have operated as a Solo Solutions.  As my business has evolved, and my clientele has changed, the name no longer fit.

There were other factors – my website needed an overhaul and I lost most of my old blog posts due to a virus that shut down every website I owned in 2019.  It’s a case, I am embarrassed to admit, of the plumber’s wife – I was so busy doing client work and focusing on projects outside my business, that I neglected what as happening inside my business.  For better or worse, the recent COVID crisis provided a window of opportunity for me to finally complete this transition project.

It’s take a few month, but I’m finally ready to announce the change!

Crystal Coleman is now The Systems Witch!  

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